Die Anhängsel Geschichte

Anhängsel – Fairy tale or reality?


If there ever was great story teller, it was our grandfather. Smith much enthusiasm, love for detail and a huge deal of phantasy, he lured everybody in. But over the course of time, many of his tales got lost. But one of them, the one about Anhängsel, is stuck in our brains:

During the last 19th century, 1876 to be exact, Carl Fredrik Wille was the captain of the steamer Vøringen. The steamer left Bergen, Norway, headed to the Northern Sea. By then, the Northern Sea was still to be explored with many fishing grounds & fjords to be discovered. Two passengers were especially curious about the secrets of the area: Georg Ossian Sars and Henrik Mohn. Their goal: Lift the secrets of the deep sea.

One of the tasks of the two explorers on the Vøringen was the search for life in the deep sea beyond the fjords. After howling in the first nets it became clear that they had proof. But not only that but so much more.

Besides a variety of of fish, crabs & clams, the found tiny little containers that they had never seen before. The polygon containers seemed like they were from a different time and baffled Mohn, Sars, Wille and the rest of the crew. No one seemed to know who made them or how long they had been at the bottom of the sea. Besides this, they always seemed to have a different shape, depending on the fjord they were from.

Sara suspected, that these containers had been sitting in the ice of the glaciers for thousands, if not millions of years before they melted into the sea. Fascinated by their shapes, the scientist carried the containers wherever they went. They did not only look great, they also served a purpose!

No matter how much they had fallen for their discovery, Sars and Mohn proved to be true scientist and handed over their discovery for further investigation to the university of Bergen.

This was the last documented sightings of the polygons for about 150 years.


The last of grandpas Anhängsel tales

We are not 100% sure if there is any truth to the story grandpa told us. What we do know is, that he told us his story and fell asleep peacefully. At that point, we barely remembered the Anhängsel at that point.

Until we received our inheritance. There and then we found some of the polygons containers. The were not the in very good shape, but still they were very unique and fascinating. We began our research an established some facts, for instance, that Captain Wille really was a Captain, sailing the Northern Sea. What we we did´t find was any news on where the Anhängsel have remained, what happened to Captain Wille or what the little polygons actually were. No one knew how they were made or how the ended up with grandpa. But it really does´t matter any more: They have become faithful companions and follow us everywhere.

That´s why we chose to transform the shapes into a new era. Whether it be a stylish bike vase, a creative way to keep the pens on the fridge or a fancy container for your toothbrush – Anhängsel add a little bit of detail to every space and adjust to your needs.

How and where you chose to place them is up to you! Anhängsel will give you complete creative freedom. Skål!

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